City centre streets. Perfect for children on their own bicycles, if the city is truly planned for cycling. Cargo bikes shouldn’t be required


Something which people who visit Assen often notice is the lack of cargo-bikes. Somehow an expectation has grown up that cargo bikes are the way of transporting children by bicycle. Actually, children have their own legs and really should be able to use them to transport themselves as soon as they have the ability to ride a bicycle. This of course is only possible if the infrastructure is very very good, and over most of this city that is indeed the case. It wasn’t always like this, but motor vehicles were removed from the centre several years ago and that left behind conditions where everyone is safe. — read more

Do bike lanes gentrify neighborhoods?


Bike lanes are meant to create a safe division between vehicular traffic and cycling traffic. But in many U.S. cities bike lanes may as well be a sign of socio-economic divisions: in some communities, they’re seen simply as a pathway for gentrification.

Though cycling advocates are quick to point to the benefits of alternative transit for low-income populations, cities are slow to engage communities about biking (and for that matter, often don’t work to break down some of the cultural and economic barriers that stand in the way).

What should municipalities be addressing? — read more